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Re: [tracker2] New integrated transceiver prototype

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  • Clay Jackson
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    Message 1 of 29 , Mar 22, 2008
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      On Mar 14, 2008, at 3:49 PM, Scott Miller wrote:

      > I just got the first two prototype T2 boards built that'll fit in a
      > 5-watt transceiver. I started working on this idea a long time ago,
      > but
      > the transceiver I was working with at the time was more difficult to
      > integrate with and significantly more expensive. This one's a little
      > larger, but still pretty compact, and (sans T2) it'll be able to
      > compete
      > with a single band HT for price.
      > http://n1vg.net/images/t2fc.jpg
      > The sample in the picture is a 70 cm version. The 2-meter version
      > won't
      > be ready for at least a couple of months. I've been thinking about
      > getting a batch of the 70 cm version to sell for general data radio
      > use
      > with external TNCs, but I'm not sure there's enough market to
      > justify it
      > - especially not when I need to conserve capital for the 2-meter
      > version.
      > This is a synthesized radio, with pretty broad frequency coverage.
      > The
      > RSSI signal is routed to an ADC input on the T2, so it can get signal
      > strength information over a useful range - something like -122 dBm to
      > -73 dBm by my measurements. Might be useful for omni DF'ing or at
      > least
      > reporting your signal strength.
      > If I'm lucky, I might have VHF samples in time for Dayton, but I'm not
      > counting on it. It'll probably be mid-summer before I have them
      > ready.
      > I know some SAR teams will want these. I'm going to try to provide a
      > power save option that'll keep idle power down to 15 mA or less at 12
      > volts to make it useful for solar powered weather stations. It'd help
      > to get a idea for the demand, though - if you think you'd be likely to
      > buy one (or more) at an estimated price of about $185, let me know.
      > Just keep in mind that the price is a preliminary estimate, and I'm
      > not
      > sure of all costs yet.
      > Scott
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