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Nuvi 350 now in stock

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  • Scott Miller
    I just got a shipment of factory refurbished Nuvi 350 s in stock. They re selling for $256 (or $100,000,000 in binary. =]). I ve also got the data cables
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2008
      I just got a shipment of factory refurbished Nuvi 350's in stock.
      They're selling for $256 (or $100,000,000 in binary. =]). I've also
      got the data cables you'll need to connect it to a Tracker2. (Sorry,
      won't work with the OT1 or OT1+.)

      You might be able to find this unit for a few bucks less elsewhere, but
      if you need the cable too you can probably make up the difference
      getting them both from me. I'm actually making less profit per unit on
      these things than I do on OT1+ kits, but Garmin has put up with a ton of
      technical questions and feature requests from me lately, so I figure
      it's worth demonstrating that their effort will result in some actual sales.

      The Nuvi 350 is the only model that so far has been shown to handle APRS
      waypoint display properly from the T2. The symbol selection needs some
      tweaking, but the comment text comes through and you don't get duplicate
      waypoints when a station moves.

      Messaging works well, and you can use the on-screen keyboard to compose
      text messages and to send commands to the T2.

      When I get the OT2m's back in stock, I'll offer a package deal with the
      T2, cable, and Nuvi together. The latest from the contract manufacturer
      is that the OT2m boards are at least 10 days out, still.

      Oh yeah, if you're in California - don't stick it to your windshield
      with the suction cup. The CHP will get you for that. I've got mine
      stuck (using the adhesive disc thingy) below and to the left of the
      radio, so it's only a reach of a few inches from the steering wheel and
      doesn't obscure my view.

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