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RE: [tracker2] Re: Voltage based triggers for OT2

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  • mark.rice@L-3com.com
    So Scott, is it you or your project that is suffering from a bad code? (sorry... sort of...) - Mark N4CMB ... From: tracker2@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 11 1:12 PM
      So Scott, is it you or your project that is suffering from a bad code?

      (sorry... sort of...)

      - Mark

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      You're right, it was really hosed. And I know I tested that stuff - not
      sure how I broke it again. I think I must have been bringing the code
      branches (T2 and OT1plus) back into sync and didn't correct some
      hardware differences.

      I've fixed the problem. I've also improved the accuracy of the voltage
      unit version in the config program.

      I should have updated firmware posted later today or tomorrow. Today's
      my first real 'full time' day - a weekday when I've got nothing else I'm
      supposed to be doing besides radio stuff. And of course, I'm sick. =]
      As long as my supply of Dayquil holds out I should keep making good
      progress on this stuff.


      Tony Komljanec wrote:
      > New OT2m Rev 1.0 with latest beta firmware and config program won't
      > respond to supply _voltage_ based triggers. This includes TX inhibit
      > when voltage below a threshold (say < 11.5V) or profile switching.
      > - otwincfg diagnostic screen displays the correct supply voltage and
      > temperature.
      > - reloaded firmware and made minimal config changes (GPS fixed mode
      > with coord, 60 second tx timer for testing, call sign, and tx inhibit
      > below 12.5V (or any other voltage).
      > - Upon quiting otwincfg, OT2 immediately transmits its first packet
      > burst and continues to do so every 60 seconds, despite supply voltage
      > being less than 12.5V.
      > - Similar non-response to voltage based profile switching. ANY radio
      > button is selected and only voltage threshold is checked for profile
      > switching.
      > - Didn't matter if telemetry, digipeater was turned on or off and
      > also seperately using only tx inhibit or profile switching.
      > - Raw data here: http://aprs.fi/?c=raw&call=ve3tk&limit=20
      > <http://aprs.fi/?c=raw&call=ve3tk&limit=20>
      > Just wondering if others have successfully used the voltage thresholds

      > in their OT2? Otherwise, OT2m works great and is a wonderful little
      > device. Very slick!
      > '73
      > Tony K
      > VE3TK
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