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Argent Data website redesign feedback wanted

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  • Keri Morgret
    I m putting out a formal request for feedback regarding the Argent Data website to both lists. Scott and I have mentioned on the main OT list that the website
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      I'm putting out a formal request for feedback regarding the Argent
      Data website to both lists. Scott and I have mentioned on the main OT
      list that the website is being redesigned, and is scheduled to go
      live this month. We've got the structure fairly well laid out, but
      some modifications can still be made.

      The redesign will put all of the Argent Data business and product
      information on argentdata.com, and leave n1vg.net as it was
      originally -- a place for Scott to post his hacks, project reports,
      and the like. We know the pain of finding the information right now,
      as it is spread between two websites and hidden in messages in this
      forum, and in some cases is barely existent. We're going to put all
      of that on the argentdata.com site. Gathering, creating, and
      organizing the information is what is taking a lot of time. If it
      were copying and pasting the old website into a new skin, we would
      have been done long ago.

      I've outlined as the site structure, followed by some explanations
      and requests for your feedback.


      - APRS and Packet Radio
      -- Tracker2
      -- OpenTracker+
      -- Discontinued Products (OT1, OT1x, OT1m)
      - Radios (The PX-777 2m handheld and the SRB MX146 transmitter)
      - GPS (Deluo, Garmin, and new model)
      - Other Products (cables, connectors, chips, etc.)
      - Secret Projects

      - Tracker2
      -- Manual
      -- Schematics
      -- Firmware
      -- Revision Notes
      - OpenTracker+
      -- Manual
      -- Schematics
      -- Firmware
      -- Revision Notes
      - Discontinued Products
      -- Manual
      -- Schematics
      -- Firmware
      -- Revision Notes
      - FAQs
      - Command Reference
      - Link to code repository

      APRS Overview



      Here are the issues we faced, and questions we still have.

      What informmation to put in products and what to put in the store?
      People come to the site in different ways -- they will coem to the
      home page, or to a particular page linked from another site, or to a
      page via a search engine. We didn't want to just put the trackers in
      products and leave everything else in the store, because people
      browsing through products may not realize the other things that are
      offered. But just putting everything in the store makes it difficult
      to provide the information needed (as I think we can all agree, as
      this is how things are set up right now). So here is our approach:

      For products that Scott makes, we plan to include extensive
      information in both the product and support page. There will be a
      comprehensive description of the product, major features,
      specifications, pictures, a link where to buy the product in the
      store, and a link to the appropriate section of the support page for
      the manual, firmware, schematics, etc. If applicable, there will be a
      link to others that resell the particular product (currently mainly
      overseas vendors).

      For products that Scott resells (GPS, connectors, chips), the product
      page will have an overview of the product or product category, and a
      link to where to buy the product in the store.

      Help Please! The FAQs will not be ready when the site goes live, as
      it is one of those things that exists mainly in messages on these two
      forums and in emails Scott sends directly. This will take some time
      to compile and organize. What would you like to see in the FAQs?
      These can be individual, specific questions (what do I do when x y z
      happens on the OT1x rev1?) or larger questions like what is needed
      for a basic APRS station or why can't I use my $200 USB GPS with a tracker.

      APRS Overview:
      Help Please! Again, this is something that will not be ready when the
      site is launched. We can think of all kinds of things to go here --
      an overview of how APRS works, what RELAY and WIDE are and what
      settings to use when, a smartbeaconing explanation, use cases, and so
      on. What would you like to see here? What kinds of subcategories? Are
      there websites out there with good explanations that you would like
      to see us link to?

      Your basic about page, with an overview of Argent, contact information.

      Initially, much the same as it is now. Scott is contacting potential
      osCommerce developers to upgrade the store, and better integrate it
      into the rest of the website. The appearance of the store may not
      match the rest of the site at first.

      Home page:
      Help Please! We've got some ideas, but what would you like to see on
      the front page for Argent Data?

      We welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions regarding the
      site, particularly in the sections where I have a Help Please! at the
      beginning. I'll also send another email when the site is available
      for an early view (planning by the end of next week).


      Keri Morgret
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