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Call for photos

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  • Scott Miller
    As I ve mentioned before, I ve got a total rework of the n1vg.net and argentdata.com websites in the works. I m looking for some pictures and maybe a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2007
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      As I've mentioned before, I've got a total rework of the n1vg.net and
      argentdata.com websites in the works. I'm looking for some pictures and
      maybe a paragraph description if applicable for some example applications.

      I'm offering a $50 store credit for any photo used on the website (and
      possibly a display at Dayton.)

      What I need is reasonably high-resolution photos illustrating the
      application an OpenTracker or Tracker2 has been used for - not
      necessarily a picture of the device itself, unless the packaging or
      installation is notable.

      A good example is a picture OE7AAI sent in of WX station OE2XKW at 9937
      ft elevation at the Kitzsteinhorn in Austria - it shows someone working
      on an antenna tower against a backdrop of distant snow-capped mountains.
      It's a great picture and I'm almost certain it'll go on the site. He
      also sent in a great picture of the hardware, but it's not as dramatic
      as the outdoor scene.

      Pictures of balloon launches, races, club kit builds, and other special
      events would be great. Again, it's more important to show how the
      equipment is used than to show the equipment.

      I still have some pictures that were submitted last year that I either
      didn't get in time or otherwise chose not to use. If I use any of
      those, the $50 credit still applies, no need to re-submit.

      Send picture direct to me off-list, please. I can provide an FTP server
      for anything too large to mail.


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