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Re: Remote Administration

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  • Chris Kantarjiev
    ... One cheat that sometimes works is to say cat
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 8, 2007
      > > echo /*cmd COMMENT OT2 Testing*/ > /dev/ttyS0
      > >
      > > None of these seem to work. Any ideas/clarification.
      > baud rate and other comm settings are not set this way, plus you don't get
      > to see any feedback. use your favorite terminal application - minicom,
      > kermit (yes, I am a dinosaur), etc, so that you can set the baud rate, stop
      > bits, parity, and flow control correctly.

      One cheat that sometimes works is to say

      cat < /dev/ttyS0 &

      to hold the terminal open, then use stty to set the speed, etc
      before using echo.

      But minicom/kermit is more reliable.

      73 de chris K6DBG
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