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Re: [tracker2] OT2-135 quirks

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  • Scott Miller
    With preemptive digipeating, it ll digipeat on a configured alias regardless of its position in the path, where normally it d only take the next unused
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 24, 2007
      With preemptive digipeating, it'll digipeat on a configured alias
      regardless of its position in the path, where normally it'd only take
      the next unused address. Say you've got a special digi network set up
      for search and rescue operations with the alias SAR - you can transmit
      with a path of WIDE2-2,SAR2-2 and if preemption is enabled on the SAR
      alias, it'll discard the WIDE2-2 portion and digipeat it using the SAR
      alias. The tracker can still be used in a normal WIDEn-N network when
      out of range of the SAR digis, but the SAR digis won't pick up WIDEn-N

      There's no preemption option on the intrinsic (mycall) alias, though I
      could probably force that to be active by default. As for how it works,
      the idea is that every T2 is, by default, a digi. If you're in a bad
      spot and need a digi to get out, you could identify a nearby T2 and use
      its callsign in your path. Likewise, the TEMPn-N alias is enabled by
      default for emergency and field day operations.

      Deviation, at full TXLEVEL setting, should be around 3.4 kHz. Each
      board is checked out on an actual DR-135T using an Agilent 8920A test
      set before being packed up.

      The T2-135 does have its own pre-emphasis circuit since the DR-135T
      transmits data flat, and (D700s aside) that's not the standard for APRS.
      It's a bit of a compromise, though, being less than the full 6 dB/octave.

      The bottom line is that you shouldn't ever have to adjust the deviation.
      If you do find it's out of spec, let me know, but so far I haven't
      heard of any problems.


      Stephen - K1LNX wrote:
      > That seemed to have taken care of it, everything appears to be working
      > as it should be now.
      > I'm not real clear on a couple of things with regards to digipeating.
      > How exactly does "preemptive" digipeating work? Is there any way to
      > restrict this to digipeating on mycall only? I'm mainly interested in
      > digipeating packets from my handheld, I suppose I could set my own
      > alias? How does the digipeat on mycall option work exactly?
      > Another question I had was in regards to setting proper deviation. I
      > don't know how the DR-135 is setup in regards to the internal TNC, but
      > is the TX audio being fed right into a de-emphasis network? If that is
      > the case is deviation all that critical?
      > 73
      > Stephen
      > K1LNX
      > On 9/24/07, *Scott Miller* <scott@...
      > <mailto:scott@...>> wrote:
      > Run the Windows config program (otwincfg) and turn off all profile
      > switching options. I'm disabling those all on new boards, since it can
      > cause exactly this sort of problem. In particular, the default setup at
      > one point was such that it'd switch (using the 'jumper') option
      > depending on whether it was plugged in to a PC or not. Very confusing!
      > Scott
      > Stephen - K1LNX wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > Playing with my new OT2-135/DR-135 radio and I am noticing a few
      > things
      > > that don't seem to be working correctly, or it's user error on my
      > part.
      > >
      > > First off, I used the windows utility to set the callsign etc. I then
      > > noticed the unit sending out packets with "NOCALL", thought that was
      > > kind of weird so I started a terminal session and indeed MYCALL
      > was set
      > > to NOCALL. Digging a little deeper, I entered the config command
      > and it
      > > came back with CONFIG 0. I entered CONFIG 1 and MYCALL seemed to
      > be set
      > > correctly (K1LNX-3) I left config 2 alone (defaults)
      > >
      > > The other strange thing I noticed is that I have waypoint output
      > set to
      > > off, but I am seeing this in the console window with received packets:
      > >
      > > K1LNX-1>APX190,K1LNX-5*,KS4NG-7:=3619.24N/08217.40WxK1LNX - Xastir
      > 1.9.0
      > > - Ubuntu Linux
      > > $GPWPL,3619.24,N,08217.40,W,K1LNX-1*66
      > > $PMGNWPL,3619.24,N,08217.40,W,,F,K1LNX-1,K1LNX - Xastir 1.9.0 -
      > Ubuntu
      > > Linux ,a*34
      > >
      > > Are these waypoint output sentences? Is this normal behavior, even
      > with
      > > waypoints set to off?
      > >
      > > Beacon command. I can't get it work. I enter it, it comes back and
      > radio
      > > does not key and send a packet:
      > >
      > > cmd:beacon
      > > BEACON
      > >
      > > Digipeating does not appear to be working either, or I am not doing
      > > properly, or I have a misunderstanding of how it supposed to work.
      > What
      > > exactly will it digipeat on by default? I sent a beacon from my
      > TH-D7AG
      > > with a path of WIDE2-2, call is set to K1LNX-7 and it did not
      > digipeat.
      > > I did see the decoded packet in the console however:
      > >
      > > cmd:
      > > K1LNX-7>S6QY2T,WIDE2-2:'n-Dl K\>K1LNX-THD7AG
      > > $GPWPL,3619.24,N,08217.40,W,K1LNX-7*60
      > > $PMGNWPL,3619.24,N,08217.40,W,,F,K1LNX-7,K1LNX-THD7AG ,x*19
      > >
      > > I haven't tried remote access yet, and my planned usage is to run
      > this
      > > in KISS mode in tandem with a HamHUD II in my car, while still taking
      > > advantage of digipeating, remote access etc.
      > >
      > > So far all in all, hats off Scott! Great product :) I can't wait to
      > > start running it mobile, I'll report back of my experiences.
      > >
      > > 73
      > > Stephen
      > > K1LNX
      > >
      > > --
      > > Stephen Brown - ARS K1LNX
      > > Johnson City, TN EM86uh
      > > "I use FOSS daily to keep my boxen clean!!!"
      > >
      > >
      > --
      > Stephen Brown - ARS K1LNX
      > Johnson City, TN EM86uh
      > "I use FOSS daily to keep my boxen clean!!!"
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