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Re: [tracker2] T2-135 Waypoint Output

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  • Keith VE7GDH
    Scott N1VG wrote... ... The out of range station that generated the waypoint was beaconing full NMEA sentences. Fortunately, only a few people are doing
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 17 2:21 PM
      Scott N1VG wrote...

      > I've had a couple of reports of distant stations still showing up. It
      > might be only for full NMEA sentences, so I'm looking into that. The
      > distance calculation requires that the lat/lon be converted into binary
      > format, and that's done at different places in the parser depending on
      > the APRS packet type.

      The "out of range" station that generated the waypoint was beaconing full
      NMEA sentences. Fortunately, only a few people are doing that.

      > AUTOSAVE basically puts the tracker into fixed position mode when GPS
      > fix is lost, so there's no need to use TXNOFIX. AUTOSAVE won't save the
      > last position if you power off the radio first, though. The reason for
      > this is that it'd have to constantly write the new position to flash,
      > and the flash memory is rated at something like 100,000 erase cycles,
      > which means it'd wear out in a day or two if it was used like that.

      OK, thanks for the info. I'll disable TXNOFIX and have AUTOSAVE enabled.

      > Right. I added an escape sequence (I think it was ctrl-C's) to manually
      > exit from Garmin mode, but you need to be connected at 9600 baud to do
      > it. I'm going to be reworking that part anyway, since it seems to be
      > exiting Garmin mode when it shouldn't.

      Mike VE7MKF mentioned CTL-C over on the other list. I tried it, but it
      didn't work for me.

      I have Tracker2 Build 54090. Is there a newer version? When I do "load
      firmware from web" I see...
      Tracker2 beta test 12-16-2006 ot2.s19
      test & diag 3-11-2006 ot2-diag.s19
      Bootloader updater 12--2-2006 ot2-boot.s19

      Oh... I should have asked before trying it. Looks like I have moved back to
      54085. However, I just came across ot2_2007_08_02_54100.s19 posted in the
      files area and upgraded to that. OK... upgraded to 54100, did some
      programming with the config program that left it in Garmin mode. I tried
      TeraTerm pro (9600) but couldn't get it out of Garmin mode. I then tried
      Hyperterminal and it worked! Of course, I had garbage on the screen when it
      switched back to 4800. I then shut down Hyperterminal and went back to
      TeraTerm Pro.

      OK... lots of playing around. I managed to get it out of Garmin mode a
      couple of times using Hyperterminal but it wasn't consistent. Seeing as how
      I plan to use it in Garmin mode with a 276C, I tried setting ABAUD to 9600
      and with the terminal program at 9600, I could consistently get it out of
      Garmin mode with a series of CTL-Cs.

      I made one discovery. I was expecting the main PROFILE 1 to be CONFIG 0 and
      PROFILE 2 to be CONFIG 1, but it turned out to be backwards. No big deal...
      now I know which is which! However, I had profile switching set to switch to
      PROFILE 2 when the GPS was invalid (I don't have it attached) and to PROFILE
      1 when it had a lock, but it was staying in PROFILE 1 unless I went to the
      terminal program and sent CONFIG 0 to it. I'll have to do some more playing
      around with config switching with a GPS receiver actually connected.

      73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
      "I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"
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