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RE: [tracker2] Re: Tracker 2 and Peet WX Station

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  • 'Scott Miller'
    My guess is that there s a flaw in the weather data validity flag. I know that changed a bit when it was ported from the OpenTracker. I ll see if I can
    Message 1 of 4 , May 29, 2007
      My guess is that there's a flaw in the weather data validity flag.  I know that changed a bit when it was ported from the OpenTracker.  I'll see if I can duplicate it - thanks for the data.

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      Subject: [tracker2] Re: Tracker 2 and Peet WX Station

      Hi Scott,

      I put the station on a quiet frequency this morning and confirmed
      #2. It is transmitting the status text every 5 minutes but the
      weather packets are only transmitted randomly - sometimes every 5
      minutes but mostly between 10, 15 or 30 minutes. I validated this
      two ways: 1- using a separate TNC to copy the packets and 2-using an
      audio capture program to measure the length of the packets just in
      case I was having problems decoding the packets off the air.

      At one time, I remember that the T2 was supposed to give an orange
      flash on the LED with a valid WX packet from the Ultimeter. The only
      orange flashes that I see are on RX of a valid packet off the air. I
      checked to see if the data from the Ultimeter is getting to the T2 by
      using a scope on the port 2 input to the processor. The data looks
      good and I have manually set the port 2 baud rate to 2400, bmode is
      set to auto.

      73's and thanks!

      --- In tracker2@yahoogroup s.com, "k0yg" <mpatton5280@ ...> wrote:
      > Hi Scott,
      > I finally got back to testing the T2 with the Peet Ultimeter 2000
      > weather station this weekend. A couple of things that I noticed
      > maybe you have some thoughts on:
      > 1) I don't have the optional humidity sensor attached. When
      > first start being sent, the humidity value is not there (which
      > sense to me). After a few packets humidity starts being reported
      > with random values like this:
      > <reset>
      > ..._116/000g005t077 P000b10139T2WX
      > ..._237/007g011t077 P000b10140T2WX
      > ..._000/009g017t077 P000h00b10140T2W X
      > ..._078/000g000t077 P000h80b10140T2W X
      > ..._078/000g000t076 P000h78b10141T2W X
      > ..._078/000g000t076 P000h78b10143T2W X
      > ..._078/000g000t076 P000h78b10144T2W X
      > ..._001/007g007t076 P000h46b10147T2W X
      > ..._001/008g017t077 P000h11b10150T2W X
      > ..._092/000g000t077 P000h00b10152T2W X
      > ..._059/004g016t077 P000h05b10156T2W X
      > ..._208/009g012t077 P000h87b10160T2W X
      > <reset>
      > ..._059/000g023t078 P000b10156T2WX
      > ..._059/000g000t077 P000h07b10155T2W X
      > ..._059/000g000t076 P000h07b10154T2W X
      > All of the other values seem to be correct.
      > 2) I have the T2 set to transmit every 5 minutes. It transmits a
      > packet with the voltage and temperature, then the packet with the
      > weather data. Sometimes it seems like it is only transmiting the
      > first packet with the voltage and temp and not the WX packet.
      > times when I've typed "beacon", it will send the temperature and
      > voltage data again - and the WX data right afterward. Using beason
      > force the WX packet doesn't seem to be repeatable.
      > I plan to move it onto a quiet frequency in the next few days and
      > some more testing to see if I can narrow this one down - but
      > I would see if you had seen anything like this.
      > I'm running Tracker2 Build 54085
      > 73's
      > Mark

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