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Re: [tracker2] WRT54 and digi_ned and t2

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  • Jonathan Karras
    I have a ipkg built for aprds if you would like this. I have it running on my v4 WRT54GS with OpenWRT it works great as a little igate hooked to my KPC-3. I
    Message 1 of 8 , Apr 1, 2007
      I have a ipkg built for aprds if you would like this. I have it running
      on my v4 WRT54GS with OpenWRT it works great as a little igate hooked to
      my KPC-3. I don't use the AX.25 stuff just the simple serial mode.

      I made some modifications to the aprsd code to support sending filters
      to the upstream ARPS servers. I also changed the config file and log
      file locations to more standard locations. Unfortunately these are hard
      coded at the moment. I would like to make them use autoconfig but I have
      not figured that out quite yet.


      Chris Kantarjiev wrote:
      > My main motivation for getting a t2 at this point is to set up an igate
      > at my vacation QTH. I'm doing this with a Linksys WRT54GS as the computer,
      > running a cut-down version of digi_ned on the OpenWRT firmware. It will
      > run the WiFi at the cabin as well as the wx, digi, and igate.
      > Only certain versions of the hardware (most of them, but be careful)
      > are supported by OpenWRT. http://www.openwrt.org/ has lots of details;
      > I suggest that you make sure that you can reflash your hardware before
      > cracking the case. I used a GS, but there's no reason that you need
      > 802.11g to do this.
      > I ended up using an image from http://db0noe.dyndns.org/openwrt/, because
      > it already has AX.25 baked into the kernel. This isn't really required
      > for digi_ned (I think) ... but that's an ongoing story. Those images
      > have a bunch of other tools already built in.
      > The first trick is to add serial ports. The board has a blank spot
      > for a 10-pin connector that brings out two serial ports. Ron
      > Whitby has detailed instructions for that here:
      > http://www.rwhitby.net/projects/wrt54gs
      > BUT! His instructions are for a specific, *mismarked* version of the
      > AD233BK kit. If you follow them exactly, port 2 won't work. His
      > version had Cts and Rts reversed, so you need to swap those connections
      > if you don't have the same version (and you probably won't). See this note:
      > http://wiki.openwrt.org/MiniHowtos
      > Ron's work is based on a v1 board. Linksys moved some components around,
      > so the front connector placement he suggests doesn't really work well
      > on later boards. I found this out the hard way, and my front panel
      > is pretty butchered as a result. It will be more work, but I think
      > it makes sense to bring the connectors out the side, as shown here:
      > http://db0fhn-i.ampr.org/wrt54gs/prtagung
      > There are some notes about using the WRT for ham radio at
      > http://db0fhn-i.ampr.org/wrt54gs/
      > Once you're up and running, get the digined package with apt-get.
      > WA7NWP & I are collecting digi_ned wisdom at
      > http://wiki.ampr2.net/nwaprs/DigiNed
      > The version of digi_ned that runs on the wrt doesn't include
      > serial support, and apparently only handles one radio port. It
      > also doesn't do igate. Apparently some people that want digined
      > and igate use ax.25 plumbing to hook up aprsd, but that's not
      > very easy on the WRT. I'm going to look into taking the igate
      > code from xastir and pushing it into digined. Since I can let
      > the t2 do the WX station work, I really only need one serial
      > port for the t2, and won't bother with serial port support
      > in the cut down digi_ned.
      > We'll see ... that's my next step in this project.
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