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RE: [tracker2] Re: Making cfg files without T2 attached

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  • 'Scott Miller'
    Yeah, that s what I was suggesting. Not sure if that got through with all of the trouble Yahoo was having for a while there. It *should* work, as long as
    Message 1 of 10 , Apr 1, 2007
      Yeah, that's what I was suggesting.  Not sure if that got through with all of the trouble Yahoo was having for a while there.  It *should* work, as long as flow control is on.  Without flow control, the problem is that the configuration has to be erased and re-written in flash memory, and during that period (some milliseconds) it can't process any incoming data.
      The alternative, if you can't use flow control, is to change the config file to contain a bunch of extra carriage returns after each command.

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      Subject: [tracker2] Re: Making cfg files without T2 attached

      Could this be acomplished by just loading a config txt file into a
      terminal program.

      you create a config in a OT2, display and log it to a text file.

      then all you need to do is edit the text file and have the user paste
      or play back the config using a terminal program?

      Just an Idea, I perfer and like the terminal configuration much better
      than the gui one, old habit I guess.

      --- In tracker2@yahoogroup s.com, "Phillip B. Pacier" <ad6nh@...> wrote:
      > OK I think what I was getting at was trying to create config files that
      > folks could download and load into their trackers on their own.
      > of having to plug a tracker in locally to create a config file, it
      > be nice if I could just launch the config editor on it's own and save
      > the .cfg files for later installation.
      > Thanks!
      > Phil - AD6NH
      > 'Scott Miller' wrote:
      > > No, right now the only way to get the .cfg file is through the config
      > > program. Once you get it, though, you could convert it to a format
      > > that could be used by the XMODEM firmware upload command.
      > >
      > > You also ought to be able to use the DISPLAY command to dump the
      > > configuration, and then paste that back into another unit to clone
      > > configuration. This will only work if flow control is enabled, but
      > > with the T2-135 that's always the case unless you're in 1-wire
      > > mode. This is how we used to configure Cisco routers - just keep the
      > > configuration open in Notepad, make whatever changes are needed, and
      > > then paste the whole thing into the terminal window.
      > >
      > > Scott
      > >
      > >
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      > > *Subject:* [tracker2] Making cfg files without T2 attached
      > >
      > > Hi Scott! Is there a way to create cfg files without having a
      T2 unit
      > > attached to the computer? It would surely help to be able to
      do that
      > > in my situation where I am programming literally dozens of these
      > > things :) Thanks!
      > >
      > > 73
      > > Phil - AD6NH
      > >
      > >

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