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Re: [tracker2] OTUSB Green Light - No Data?

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  • Scott Miller
    ... The beta firmware s safe mode should let you use USB regardless of how messed up the configuration might be. ... Control-Cs should only be necessary if
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 3 8:28 PM
      > without reflashing the current non-beta firmware I'll just get a blinking
      > red light and no way to reconnect with the device without breaking out an
      > old null modem cable [which is what I was trying to avoid by purchasing a
      > USB device ;-) ]

      The beta firmware's safe mode should let you use USB regardless of how
      messed up the configuration might be.

      > That aside, with the 1/2/2012 firmware, I'm now able to see data on the
      > console (found buried somewhere online that hammering on ctrl-c with the

      Control-Cs should only be necessary if it's stuck in KISS or TEXT mode
      (and TEXT mode isn't applicable for USB).

      > anywhere in the manual). However, the only data I see is after turning on
      > monitor mode and turning off filter, and turning on passall and it's

      With PASSALL ON you may just be seeing random noise.

      > garbled. These options are also not possible using the otwincfg software,
      > but only accessible through the console. Is there a reason to leave
      > features off the GUI version of the configuration?

      Because you need a terminal program to see anything useful, and leaving
      them as options in otwincfg would be asking for trouble. PASSALL in
      particular should only be used for troubleshooting purposes, or in rare
      cases like balloon chases where you want to receive marginal packets and
      piece together mangled data by hand.

      > For testing, I have a 300mW transmitter right next to it on the bench and I
      > tried again a few hundred feet away, but all I get is partially decoded
      > junk. Any ideas what would cause this? I have your 2m antenna (

      Hard to say without hearing what it's hearing. You're sure the
      deviation on the transmitting side is OK, and the audio level on RX is OK?

      > my VX-6R radio, I've tried radio and OTUSB squelch as well as
      > checking/unchecking software DCD and nothing seems to make much of a
      > difference.

      DCD won't affect decoding at all.

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