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Re: [tracker2] Site Alert 3+

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  • James Ewen
    ... Like this? http://aprs.fi/telemetry/a/WOLFLK?range=day ... The OT2 can do an external temperature sensor on the 1 wire bus. ... You can use the power relay
    Message 1 of 8 , Jul 7, 2012
      On Fri, Jul 6, 2012 at 11:33 PM, vk6mrg <vk6mrg@...> wrote:

      > I wanted to have a second voltage input to monitor the solar panel. (so I
      > can track the amount of solar hours the site is getting)

      Like this?


      > The batteries for the site are located in a separate enclosure, so an
      > extra temp sensor to monitor the batteries would be nice.

      The OT2 can do an external temperature sensor on the 1 wire bus.

      > The digital output was going to be used as a low volt alarm/cut-out switch
      > to turn off the voice repeater on site.

      You can use the power relay to do that... I use it to start up a
      propane powered generator on site when the voltage drops below a set

      > The second digital output I was thinking that it could be used for
      > switching on a cooling fan in the enclosure.

      You could use a thermostat for that, only one output is available on the OT2...

      > And for the two digital inputs, we were going to use them as door switch
      > alarms.

      I have a single door alarm contact using the counter input. I can see
      when people enter/exit the building, an dhow many times the door is
      opened. You can wire both doors in series and use a single input.

      > But if the OT2m can do almost everything that the Site Alert 3+ can do
      > then that is a good thing. I have no experience with scripting or 1 wire
      > devices so this will be a bit of a problem.

      It's only a problem if you are unable to read, or unwilling to learn,
      and experiment.

      The information about adding in some access to extra I/O on the OT2 is
      in the wiki. Scripting information, including examples of using the
      extra I/O for alarm reporting is also available.

      Before I read the scripting information on the wiki, I hadn't written
      any scripts for the OT2. I still haven't played with a 1 wire device,
      but there's enough information about 1 wire devices in this SIG, and
      on the net to be able to figure it out.

      Go read the information in the wiki and start playing.

      If you run into issues, ask away.

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