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Re: Help on settings Digi T2

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  • redneckmike586@sbcglobal.net
    Hello sorry i posted this before i had seen the old post i will drive up there this weekend and change the wide part if i can get you to look at the rest of
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 23, 2012
      Hello sorry i posted this before i had seen the old post i will drive up there this weekend and change the wide part if i can get you to look at the rest of the cong file before i go up there to make sure no other changes need to be made

      Please Email me and i send you the config file i have

      Mike Henry

      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, James Ewen <ve6srv@...> wrote:
      > On Sun, Apr 22, 2012 at 3:24 PM, redneckmike586@...
      > <kd5vxq@...> wrote:
      > > Hello Group i have a question i been reading on aprs my question is i have my
      > > settings on the Digi's wide1-1,wide2-2  sound the setting be WIDEn-N ?
      > I'll attempt to translate your question into English... I'm guessing
      > that you are attempting to say is that you have the outgoing path on
      > your digi set to WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2, and should the outgoing path be
      > WIDEn-N.
      > Digipeaters should NEVER run WIDE1-1 in their outgoing path. WIDE1-1
      > should ONLY be used by low powered stations that need to get help from
      > a home fill-in digipeater to be able to be heard by the main
      > digipeaters. If you have a digipeater set up where it needs to get
      > help from a home fill-in digipeater in order to be heard by the rest
      > of the digipeater network, help your RF network out by shutting down
      > the digipeater that is of no use to the network. Digipeaters need to
      > be installed where they can hear a large area, and help out by
      > capturing signals and repropagating them around the network.
      > Should your digipeater use WIDEn-N as an outgoing path? If you mean
      > literally WIDEn-N, No. Use an outgoing path of WIDE2-1 at most. That
      > is effectively a 2 hop path since your digipeater IF installed
      > properly is already covering a large area, and one hop out of the
      > digipeater is equivalent to a mobile running a 2 hop path.
      > > My 2nd question is i have 2 Digi one not in a good spot yet And 1 Igate how do i
      > > send all traffic to my IGate instead of going threw other DIGI?
      > You don't. There's no provision for directing traffic on the RF
      > network. The packets are handled in accordance to the path set in the
      > packet from the source. The purpose of the APRS RF network is to move
      > traffic around the RF network, not to funnel packets to a specific
      > i-gate. The RF network should deliver packets to other users on RF,
      > with only a small fraction of those users being i-gates which then
      > push the packets to the APRS-IS network.
      > The closest you could do for making the packets from WD5MHZ-2 not go
      > through other digipeaters would be to use a blank outgoing path. No
      > digipeaters would handle the packets. Your i-gate would probably
      > handle most of the packets since it is in simplex range, but other
      > i-gates in simplex range would also possibly handle the packets.
      > >  i fell i dont have it set up correctly can anyone send me a cong file of theirs so
      > > i can compare  to wd5mhz@...
      > There is no configuration that will set up the unit to direct packets
      > in a specific direction.
      > Have you looked to see where your WD5MHZ-2 digipeater can hear?
      > http://aprs.fi/#!v=heard&call=a%2FWD5MHZ-2&timerange=3600
      > It has a wonderful vantage point from up on that hill... There's no
      > need to put another down lower where WD5MHZ-1 is located.
      > GAYLOR listens down into the area very well as well... You're probably
      > going to have to go quite a distance away to find a spot where adding
      > another digipeater will HELP the network.
      > We chased around this bush for a long time a few months ago...
      > Did you set up the OT2 with at least one callsign in the authlist so
      > that you can remotely administer the digipeater without having to
      > drive to the site?
      > --
      > James
      > VE6SRV
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