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Re: Firmware build 54085

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  • Ian ZL1VFO
    Message 1 of 11 , Dec 18, 2006
      > Posted by: "Stephen Brown Jr" stephen.brown75@... sbrown6079
      > Date: Sun Dec 17, 2006 6:28 am ((PST))

      > And another thing, where can we download the file? Are you going to upload
      > to your website, the files section, or both?

      The latest firmware usually lurks at

      ~ snip ~

      >> The only issues I have encountered has been using it with the AX.25/KISS
      >> network stack in linux to use normal connected mode packet, but I believe it
      >> may be attributed to my serial cable wiring. Ian, ZL1VFO, sent me some
      >> diagrams to try, but I haven't had a chance to as of yet, I hope to get to
      >> it in the next day or two.

      I suppose I should upload that wiring diagram I sent Stephen N1VLV to
      the files section.... I might just play with it just a bit more - it's
      present point-of-view is looking in to the front of the socket, It's
      probably be easier to follow if I redid it looking in at the rear,
      seeing that's where one normally solders to..

      -Ian ZL1VFO

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    • Scott Miller
      Without the equalization jumper installed, the low tone is dropped in amplitude to compensate for twist - whether you use it or not generally depends on if
      Message 2 of 11 , Dec 18, 2006
        Without the equalization jumper installed, the low tone is dropped in amplitude to compensate for twist - whether you use it or not generally depends on if your audio source has de-emphasis applied already or not.
        There's no way to send the comment and position separately, I'm afraid.  Keep bugging Garmin, maybe we can get them to fix it or at least make it a configuration option.

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        Subject: [tracker2] Re: Firmware build 54085

        --- In tracker2@yahoogroup s.com, "Scott Miller" <scott@...> wrote:
        > The T2 is getting much closer to a production release. Please let
        > me know if you've got any unresolved bugs, or if there are any
        > must-have features you want to see in the first post-beta release
        > that I haven't gotten to yet.


        My kit went together very well. I have 2 comments.

        1. Jumper 3 (RX Equalization) . I'm not sure what this means but
        without it I decoded almost no packets. Perhaps the instructions
        should specify to install it once the build is complete.

        2. My only "irritation" right now is the duplication of stations on
        the display of my GPS (Garmin GPSMAP 60CX) ref this message: http://
        groups.yahoo. com/group/ tracker2/ message/1373 I have no problems with
        fixed stations.

        I suspect that because the "note" field changes for mobile stations
        (speed / heading), then the GPS treats the waypoint as new and
        appends a 1, 2, 3, ... etc to each waypoint name.

        Would it be possible to send the waypoint/position and the "note"
        seperately to the unit? I couldn't find any Garmin documentation
        refering to how the GPSMAP decides if incoming data is a change to an
        existing waypoint or should be treated as new waypoint.

        Thanks for a great product and support.

        Marc VA3YTR

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