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Re: T2 and OTUSB firmware updates

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  • vk6mt
    Is there any chance of adding Beacon t for a telemetry packet? Mal VK6MT
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 5, 2011
      Is there any chance of adding 'Beacon t' for a telemetry packet?


      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, Scott Miller <scott@...> wrote:
      > Build 55862 is up for both the T2 and the OTUSB. For the T2, it's still
      > marked as a development build because there have been MANY internal changes.
      > For the OTUSB, analog inputs are now referenced to the MCU's internal
      > bandgap reference. This means more accurate readings despite variations
      > in supply voltage. I tested two units in the temperature chamber and
      > after setting TEMPADJ, the readings were within 1 degree C from -30C to
      > +40C, and not more than 3 degrees off over the entire tested range of
      > -195C to +80C.
      > BEACON P and BEACON W now beacon only position or weather packets,
      > respectively. You can use these in scripts for better control over what
      > packets get sent when.
      > Using ALTPATH with a blank path in one profile but not the other now
      > works correctly.
      > For the T2 this is not a critical update, but I very much recommend it
      > for the OTUSB if you didn't already update last week - there's another
      > fix that corrects a problem with the USB stack freezing under certain
      > circumstances.
      > Scott
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