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Re: [tracker2] T2-301

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  • Eric Fort
    This ought get you started for setting frequency and tx power:
    Message 1 of 31 , Nov 9, 2011
      This ought get you started for setting frequency and tx power:


      from there I think otwinconfig is used to configure, but hopefully someone
      can verify that.

      brings up an interesting question though.... can the t2-301 be configured
      with just a terminal program and NO added software and without using
      windows or not? If not, why not?


      On Wed, Nov 9, 2011 at 2:15 AM, jomacot <jomacot@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Hi There,
      > I have just recieved my T2-301, radio and tracker combined, but there is
      > no suport documentation with it at all.
      > I have downloaded the FC-301 manual but it only refers to the radio so I'm
      > guessing I need the Tracker 2 manuual also for the APRS bit?
      > If so I am also guessing I need otwincfg.exe to configure the tracker APRS
      > settings but I cannot find FC-301D.exe on the Argent site as refered to in
      > the Friendcom manual for setting the radio frequencies.
    • Scott Miller
      I always disable SmartBeaconing for testing - it makes things a lot clearer when you re looking at the logs. Scott
      Message 31 of 31 , Apr 9, 2012
        I always disable SmartBeaconing for testing - it makes things a lot
        clearer when you're looking at the logs.


        On 4/9/2012 4:52 PM, TomC wrote:
        > >> One more thing you could try... you could turn the power on
        > >> the D710 down all the way and connect it to the antenna that
        > >> is normally connected to the T2-301 and see if can be decoded
        > >> by the distant digi.
        > >
        > > Getting the 710 out of the car will be a real pain but I may
        > > give that a try after I confirm that the T2-301 is working
        > > correctly as a tracker next week.
        > Well, I took the T2-301 out for a drive (after switching to my N4AOF-8
        > tracker profile). The battery pack I had running it didn't last very
        > long and it didn't make it into KY4KY-3 (the nearest digi) before the
        > battery died. It's going to take more troubleshooting, especially since
        > while driving I couldn't watch to see when (if!) it transmitted. There
        > may be a problem with the gps that is connected to it. I'm going to
        > recharge the battery pack and try it briefly tomorrow with a fixed
        > location instead of expecting the gps to update its position.
        > I did drag the D710A out of the car and set it up in the shack. With the
        > D710A connected to my discone at 40' above local ground it makes it into
        > KY4KY-3 on high power but not on low or medium power. It won't make it
        > at all from the other antenna at about 20', so it does seem that my
        > location is the major obstacle to getting a signal out due to the high
        > ridgeline to the east of me.
        > Now that we finally have another APRS station in the general area
        > (K4GDB), I'm hoping that between us we can work out some way to provide
        > a path over the (*&^(* ridge.
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