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  • James Ewen
    ... Shouldn t have to look too far for that, should you? aprs.fi/edmonton aprs.fi/edson aprs.fi/smoky ... I think that can be arranged. ... I have attached a
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 3, 2011
    On Sun, Jul 3, 2011 at 11:46 AM, gervais fillion <ve2ckn@...> wrote:

    > now i must find someone that is using an OT2 as a DIGI!

    Shouldn't have to look too far for that, should you?


    > and after ,if i may,have a copy of his setup as a DIGI.

    I think that can be arranged.

    > i would change the specs to fit my need here.

    I have attached a copy of my config file for the latest digipeater
    that I added to our network at Smoky Lake.

    There's not a whole lot to do to make an OT2m digipeat.

    Click on the Digi Config button.

    Set ALIAS to WIDE, HOPS to 3, PREEMPT unchecked, ID checked, and
    ENABLED checked.

    You've got yourself a WIDE3 enabled digipeater.

    To add SSn-N style digipeating:

    Set another ALIAS to PQ, HOPS to 7, PREEMPT unchecked, ID checked, and
    ENABLED checked.

    Be aware that I do a few things to optimize and enhance the operation
    of the digipeater.

    I am using alternating paths (proportional pathing). The path used in
    first profile has no hop requests. Digipeaters already have a 1 hop
    jump of regular users, as a local user to SMOKY would need to use one
    hop request to get just as far as SMOKY can with no hops. The second
    profile asks for a single hop. The OT2m cycles between these two path
    elements as it sends position reports. Alternating paths with
    different hop requests reduces the load on the network by using a
    short hop distance on every second report.

    I'm sending telemetry every 10 minutes to keep track of shack
    temperatures and battery voltage.

    I also have profile switching enabled. I switch to profile 2 when the
    battery voltage drops below 11 volts. I switch back to profile 1 once
    the battery voltage climbs back above 12 volts.

    I also have a script enabled that watches for the unit to be in
    profile 2. When it detects that it is in profile 2, it will send an
    email to my gmail account telling me that the voltage is low. I also
    have an alarm acknowledge script that I can call to reset the trigger
    for sending an email alert.

    I got sidetracked from debugging my alarm acknowledge script, and I
    don't think it's working perfectly yet. I'll have to fiddle with it
    again. I was down to my last OT2m unit when we lost our main
    digipeater site in Edmonton, and I had to put the OT2m into place in a

    I got 5 more OT2m units from Scott now (down to 3 again...), so I can
    go back to playing with the scripts...

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