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Re: Replacement for Nuvi 350

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  • eli26e9
    Funny, I only just joined this group and read this message. I have been looking at ways of getting data in/out of a ce device running miopocket and came
    Message 1 of 40 , Mar 3, 2011
      Funny, I only just joined this group and read this message.

      I have been looking at ways of getting data in/out of a "ce" device running "miopocket" and came across GPS2Blue (which is installed with miopocket. Unfortunately only one way...

      OziexplorerCE doesn't have an API to add waypoints on the go, would be nice, must ask Des about that.

      The oziAPRS obviously uses the API, but I really don't think its designed for the mobile, rather more for base tracking.

      The best bet would the AVmap gps's, but unfortunately no maps for us Aussie's (yet/ifever).


      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, Bryan Johns <bjohns@...> wrote:
      > Windows Mobile and CE devices are also a dying breed, although not nearly
      > as far gone as the nuvi 350. Microsoft no-longer supports either OS with
      > its flagship development tool, Visual Studio. To create or even maintain
      > applications for Windows Mobile or CE you have to hang on to old versions
      > of Visual Studio and MS is no longer even putting out service packs for
      > those. For the time being, most new devices will be running Windows Phone
      > 7. Rumor has it that there's a variant of the Windows Phone 7 OS in the
      > works that's not geared around a phone, but information about it has not
      > been forthcoming. It's just been hinted at on a few blogs.
      > Speaking of Windows Phone 7, those devices are quite cool. They have
      > integrated GPS and if you're in a location where GPS signal isn't
      > available, like inside a building, but you do have a cell signal, it can
      > get a less accurate position fix by triangulating based on the cell towers
      > it's able to hear. Unfortunately, these devices do not have a serial
      > connection to which you could connect a tracker. Also, the current
      > version of the OS has very limited multitasking capability. The only apps
      > that can run in the background are certain ones that are bundled with the
      > OS such as the email client. So even if you could get the phone to talk
      > to a tracker, possibly through a Bluetooth to serial adapter, it would
      > only do so when the app was active on the screen and it would stop as soon
      > as the phone went into sleep mode.
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      > Bryan Johns
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      > 1e. Re: Replacement for Nuvi 350
      > Posted by: "Steven Heimann" vk2bos.lists@... vk2bos
      > Date: Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:04 pm ((PST))
      > Morning All
      > I have been thinking about a slightly different solution.
      > Many of the cheap navigator type products run Windows CE and you can run
      > a choice of compatible CE navigation software. I was going to try to
      > inject the APRS data into that.
      > There is something similar available for the desktop version of
      > OziExplorer which I have tested. It is called OziAPRS but it didn't
      > really do what I wanted.
      > Has anyone tried anything similar?
      > Regards
    • seerdman
      Hi Chris - here s my take on it: On the otwincfg startup screen, it sounds to me like checking the Erase device and load new firmware will only install new
      Message 40 of 40 , Mar 10, 2011
        Hi Chris - here's my take on it:

        On the otwincfg startup screen, it sounds to me like checking the "Erase device and load new firmware" will only install new firmware from the web site. If you're not able to simultaneously connect to your device and the web, then selecting "Offline" from the startup screen and selecting a .cfg file wiil take you to the configuration screen, where the buttons "File" and "Web" should be highlighted IF you're connected to your device (I'm guessing here). Since the web choice won't work for you, use upload from file and choose the newly downloaded ot2.s19 file. Hope it helps!

        --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, "Keith VE7GDH" <ve7gdh@...> wrote:
        > Chris N8WCT wrote...
        > > As asked before, I don't know which file to download.all 4 have the same
        > > date, and none of them say "Developmental".
        > Scott said on March 5...
        > > The development build has been stable and is probably the best one to grab.
        > However looking at...
        > www.argentdata.com/support/tracker2.html
        > Unlike in the "load from web" option in otwincfg.exe, you won't see
        > "development" build. The file to download would appear to be...
        > www.argentdata.com/support/firmware/ot2.s19
        > > And pulling the radio isn't quite that easy. It's sort of a custom install
        > > that would require more than "only 4 screws" to remove. I would prefer to
        > > leave it in the vehicle, and actually making a 50' cable, and pulling the
        > > car into the back yard, would be easier and faster than that anyway.
        > OK, but if you download the above file, you could just take the laptop
        > to the vehicle without having to make up a 50 foot cable to see if you
        > had RS-232 problems or not.
        > 73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
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