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Re: [tracker2] OT2m Sending - Not Heard?

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  • Keith VE7GDH
    Ed (callsign?????) wrote... ... So what callsign-SSID should we be looking at? You can say it isn t working but without a callsign, how can we look and see
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 24, 2010
      Ed (callsign?????) wrote...

      > Here's what I have:
      > OT2m
      > Icom IC-28A
      > APO3
      > All loaded in the trunk and working as it should (meaning: lights flash, radio
      > keys up, etc...) but my information is not showing up on any of the aprs sites.
      > Everything worked on the bench, and I haven't changed anything during the
      > install, but it did span several months so I'm not ruling that out.

      So what callsign-SSID should we be looking at? You can say "it isn't working"
      but without a callsign, how can we look and see if anything at all is making
      it to an IGate? Even with no GPS or position entered, when you turn it on,
      it sends a beacon. With a callsign, we could look at the raw data, even without
      a position.

      > I've monitored the freq with an HT and I can hear the signal that is being sent
      > from the mobile. I also live in a fairly well populated area (South Orange County,
      > CA) and can hit the nearest iGate with my HT on 5W, so the 25-50 watts of the
      > mobile should have no trouble, right?

      Presuming it is all programmed properly, it could be the deviation (very low or
      too high), the radio (PA blown?) or the antenna. Ummm... 25-50 watts... is RF
      messing up the T2? Try a lower power.

      > I'm fairly new to the hobby, so don't rule out my own stupidity, but as
      > everything seems to be working 'mechanically', I'm leaning towards an issue
      > in my settings.

      Possibly, but give us something to go on! What is the deviation set for? Have
      you measured the power out of the radio? Have you checked the SWR of the
      antenna? Did this ever work, or is it a new installation?

      > I'm not sure of the best way to put that information out there, whether by
      > posting a screen shot or the .cfg file, but I figured I'll put this out there and
      > start answering questions as to the specifics of the setup (didn't want to go
      > into unnecessary detail).

      A necessary detail is the callsign-SSID. A configuration file would help if
      it was a problem with the settings. We have no way to know that yet. Post

      > Let me know what you need and I'll get into the appropriate specifics.

      I think I pretty much covered it above.

      73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
      "I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"
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