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Re: [tracker2] T2-135 Profile/Config question

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  • Scott Miller
    One of the handshaking lines activates the jumper input. It s actually useful if you want to automatically switch to KISS mode, or switch out of Garmin
    Message 1 of 3 , May 8, 2010
      One of the handshaking lines activates the 'jumper' input. It's
      actually useful if you want to automatically switch to KISS mode, or
      switch out of Garmin mode. If you're not using that, go into the
      profile switching setup and uncheck the 'jumper' option.


      Tim Cunningham wrote:
      > A local group just got a T2-135 replacement board. The new board has
      > Tracker2 Build 55076 and the other 7 units have Tracker2 Build 54680.
      > I got a call late last night that the replacement board was not working
      > without the computer connected. As soon as they disconnected the computer
      > the system stopped transmitting. The PROFILE command issued locally
      > returned
      > 2 and when I sent it remotely it returned 1. I cannot be certain the
      > computer was still connected when I sent the command remotely (they said it
      > was). There was some question on my part if they had disconnected it.
      > In any event the problem was isolated to the T2-135 using Profile 2 for
      > some
      > reason when the computer was connected and then switching to Profile 1 when
      > it was disconnected. What triggers a profile change when a computer is
      > connected or not connoted to the DB9 on the DR-135T?
      > They said when typing PROFILE 1 it returned a ~ and a block on the screen.
      > Since I could not see it I cannot validate the description of the problem.
      > I had them type CONFIG and they said it returned 0. The manual indicates
      > you
      > can set 1 or 2 for the CONFIG, so this was puzzling. CONFIG 2 seemed to
      > hold
      > what they programmed so I had them issue CONFIG 1 and enter their
      > configuration. This was all done manually without the config software
      > utility. Once they performed this action the T2-135 behaved when the
      > computer was disconnected and then the weather station was connected.
      > I am strapped for time with work to experiment/debug/research this behavior
      > at the moment so I wonder if anybody can provide some insight.
      > Thanks,
      > Tim - N8DEU
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