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9951RE: [tracker2] ICOM IC-2200H to OT2 setup

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    Feb 2, 2010

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      Subject: RE: [tracker2] ICOM IC-2200H to OT2 setup


      The UT-118 is for D-Star only. Install it to use the D-Star system.
      The Tracker2 would connect to the MiniDIN if (was isthat radio has one or through the mic and speaker port.
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      Subject: [tracker2] ICOM IC-2200H to OT2 setup


      I'm new to this group and have looked for information to set up the IC-2200H without success. Specifically I'm wondering about the need for the UT-118 digital unit to be installed. Is it necessary, useful? Also any guidelines for connection would be helpful. Tnx.


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