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9950RE: [tracker2] ICOM IC-2200H to OT2 setup

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    Feb 2 6:32 AM
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      Hi Dave,
      Actually I did answer the question in the subject line. My answer was just shorter than expected probably. I was heading out, it had to be short.
      I read the manual this morning and found out:
      The IC2200H does have a data port on the back but it is only for direct entry from a GPS or a PC. If you are using D-Star, then the radio can send position beacons. It can also do data. See the D-Rats page. I do that with my IC-U82 on occasion. Your beacon will get routed to APRS-IS via something like ARSD (?). Of course, you will need the UT-118 installed.
      This "data" port is not the usual port mentioned for connecting a TNC. The usual data port on the back of some radios is a Mini-DIN connector. This connector, which I have on the back of my FT1500, for instance, utilizes an audio signal for data. If that port is not available, then a TNC is connected through the microphone and speaker ports. For your case, the microphone connection is the one in the front and the speaker port is on the back next to the data port.
      Specifically how do you connect the radio to a Tracker2? Well, I can't answer that entirely. The OT2 audio in needs to connect to the speaker port. This way, what the radio hears is ported to the OT2. The microphone port will connect to the audio out of the OT2. The OT2 will generate packets which are to be sent. The OT2 must also control the PTT. I will assume at this point that wiring for a mobile rig will suffice but again I do not know.
      Since you live in Sunnyvale, I bet you have lots of access to D-Star repeaters. I would use my IC-2200 (if I had one) for D-Star and such and grab an FT-1500 for APRS. That way I would not have to constantly change out the connections. But that is me. ;)
      I run a FT-857D for voice (VHF/UHF and some HF) and a FT-1500 for APRS in the same vehicle.
      Soon, there should be a D-Star repeater within 4 miles of my home. I am looking forward to it. it will not replace anything else I have though.
      I hope this helps.
      Best regards,
      N7FMH-9 Mobile
      PNRDVL W1 Digipeater

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