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9731Re: [tracker2] Re: OT2m version 2.0a

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  • Scott Miller
    Jan 2, 2010
      I've sent a note to the contract manufacturer to make sure those leads
      get cut off flush in the future, and I'll inspect them as they come in.

      This didn't get caught in testing because RX is tested while the board
      is on a test fixture, and not installed in the case. The final
      post-assembly test just checks that it powers on and that the LEDs and
      DC power jack are OK. The assembled test units I've been using had the
      lead cut short enough, apparently.

      Sorry about that, and thanks for the catch.


      n0rxd wrote:
      > That was my problem exactly - the long lead on the crystal was shorted
      > to the case. I bent it out of the way and now it's working like a champ,
      > thanks.
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