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9727Re: OT2m version 2.0a

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  • nb7o
    Jan 2, 2010
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      Just a thought. Some are putting a tone on their APRS radio and then setting tone-squelch on. This will let you receive a short voice message from another APRS station. This concept works well if you are not decoding like the OT2m and Nuvi 350 do. But it will block the signals from getting into the OT2m if you want to decode.

      Check to see if you are getting out on APRS. You can do this by checking findu or another internet site. Then make certain that you do not have any tone settings turned on. I ran into this with a friend who was having a similar no-decode issue. We got a good laugh at ourselves when we figured it out.

      73 de kevin/NB7O

      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, "n0rxd" <mark-atherton@...> wrote:
      > I received my OT2m with the 2.0a PCB a week ago. I got it configured and working as a tracker with a Garmin nuvi 350; however it does not receive any packets. The RX and TX LEDs flash on power-up, but RX does not light after that. Upgraded firmware to version 55076. I have tried soft and non-soft DCD, equalization jumper on and off, but still no RX.
      > I tested using a friend's version 1.0 with the same settings, jumpers, and cables and it received OK.
      > I noticed the modem is a MX614DW which is not on the schematic. Is there a new schematic for this model?
      > Does anyone else have this model, problem, or any suggestions as to what I should do or try next?
      > Thanks, Mark
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