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9726Re: [tracker2] Re: OT2m version 2.0a

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  • James Ewen
    Jan 2, 2010
      On Sat, Jan 2, 2010 at 12:46 PM, <wyoming_semi_driver@...> wrote:

      > because I have a HT that has very bad RFI problems but I can use it to test stuff.

      Okay, what HT is it? Which cable do you have from RPC?

      > when the tracker2 stops TX on my mobile I hook up the HT to the tracker2 asap
      > and the PTT lights come on the top of the HT and then after a wile of waiting
      > sometimes it will let go of the HT mode and go back to the mobile mode on it by
      > itself but now it is staying in HT mode and NO the HT jumper isnt installed at all.

      Okay, so you change the radio and the cable. Does the cable have the
      resistor and capacitor included in it? The PTT line could be tied into
      the audio line in the cable rather than using the internal jumper. If
      this is the case, then the assumption that the HT jumper is magically
      being enabled is untrue.

      > I'm able to change the commands on my tracker2 via my nuvi 350 duh.

      Your posts do not make it clear as to what it is that you are changing
      on the OT2. You state that you can change settings, and it can be
      inferred that these changes being made somehow fix the issue at hand.
      Of course the reverse could be true, and that you are just adding in
      superfluous information as a red herring to throw people off track.

      > I can hear the sound coming from the HT with using
      > another radio I don’t need a scope to know this.

      So from this, you can assume that the OT2 is driving the HT properly,
      but you can not assume that the HT jumper is enabled without knowing
      more about the cables you are using.

      > but I'm also not much into trying to fix stuff I don’t know much about,
      > when you do this you just mess it up even wost.

      This is a good idea, however, you're not trying to fix stuff as in
      repair components, but rather identify an issue, find a cause, and
      then from there implement a solution.

      > I have been able to get a opentracker and a TT4 working so I do know
      > how to do some stuff.

      Yes, you have purchased parts, and plugged them in. It sounds like
      there may be an intermittent issue somewhere in the mix, and we are
      attempting to help you identify where the intermittent issue might be
      located. To do that, we need to know what you have, what you are
      doing, and what the symptoms are. Partial information, mixed up
      results, and unrelated information provided just makes it that much
      more difficult to help you.

      > I guess I could always find the 2.2k resistor you talk about and take
      > it out of there sience I don’t need HT use at all,sience this is the only
      > problem I'm having is it wont stay out of HT mode but again why do
      > this and risk really messing up the unit.

      Well, if you took the OT2 out of the mix, that would get rid of the
      problem as well, but that's not really a good solution, is it? As for
      that being the only problem, I don't think so. Have you determined why
      you weren't able to get messaging working? I sent a message that you
      obviously received, and replied to. Have you gotten messaging working?
      Looks like a lot of attempts from you to send messages to N7HRI, but
      not successfully.

      > I was thinking just maybe I was doing something wroung until I seen
      > this past email from this person and I took the unit out of the box and
      > did seen a lot of solder points just about touching each other and I
      > can see how they would touch each other very easy.

      Yes, Scott has had some issues with contract manufacturer quality
      control, but that does not mean that every unit has the exact same
      issue. If I ran mine over with my truck, and said that the board was
      cracked, would you automatically assume that your board is cracked as

      > but I'm noting going to get upset or try to start any fights on group.
      > the easy fix is have someone that knows what they are doing take
      > a look at it, I have already made plans to go home tuesday to get
      > the box and packing and get it mailed out.

      Okay, so you take the OT2 box it up, send it to Scott, and he looks at
      it. Best case scenario, he finds some solder bridges, or long
      component leads that are shorting out on you. The other option is that
      he checks it all out and finds no issues. He sends it back to you, and
      now we are right back where we are now.

      Systematic experimentation now might save you the time and expense of
      sending a perfectly good unit back to Scott.

      There are a lot of little twiddly bits to deal with, and niggly little
      details that can cause issues. When everything is working, everyone is
      happy. When things don't work, it can be annoying, but you can usually
      find the problem and rectify it. However, when the issue is
      intermittent, it can drive you batty trying to find the cause and

      We're just working on finding the cause before we all go batty! 8)

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