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9721Re: OT2m version 2.0a

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  • n5faz
    Jan 1, 2010
      mark, scott,

      i had the same issue with my brand new tracker2. if i took the board completely out of the case it would receive. it appeared that one lead on the crystal on the left side of the board was shorting to the case nut. trim the leads, reassemble and receive ok.

      now my unit has developed a another problem. it intermittently wont power up. it works most of the time on the bench with an ac adapter. but when getting power from the radio in the truck, it does not work most of the time. i then wired a seperate power cord for the tracker. that seemed to help but didnt fix the problem. other times it will work for a few minutes then lockup with no rx and no responce on the console. the gps connected to the tracker2's 5v output always works.

      some of the symptoms it has when not working are:
      green led lites up dim and the others dont flash,
      or after a few seconds the act led will flash red red green very slowly then a few seconds later the rx, tx leds will flash but the unit still wont rx or respond to the console.

      i dont think it is a power problem, i think the problem is tempature related as it works much more reliably in the 70+ degree house than in the less than 40 degree truck.

      also the quality of the hand soldered parts does not appear to be very good.

      i am planning on sending my unit back for a replacement.

      paul n5faz

      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, Scott Miller <scott@...> wrote:
      > I thought I'd posted the new schematic - I'll have to make sure that
      > gets on the wiki.
      > Check for any visible bad solder joints. It was tested before it left,
      > so if it's not working now, chances are it's something that came loose
      > afterward. You're welcome to send it back for inspection, but I'll be
      > gone Thursday and Friday for CES.
      > Scott
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