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9703Re: what am i doing wroung on setting up?

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  • Ron K7CDL
    Dec 30, 2009
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      this is not at all what is going on. I have a HT1C cable from byonics I have tried to hook up to my mobile. and I have a HT cable from RPC I have tried to use on my HT. these cables have worked for a TT4 and the opentracker but cant get the tracker2 to PTT at all on both rigs. the only time I can get the tracker2 to PTT on my mobile is if I turn on the HT jumper when hooked up to my mobile but then if I go under the config program and go under tuning and hit PTT it wont turn on the HT or the mobile rig. I know my cables are good because I used them on other trackers even used them on the opentracker. when I got the tracker2 it had a diffent firmware number and I upgraded that by the config program and I wonder if this might have done something. I know the gps is working right because I'm getting all stations to show and dispatch menu is showing on gps.

      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, James Ewen <ve6srv@...> wrote:
      > On Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 1:44 PM, <wyoming_semi_driver@...> wrote:
      > > it says firmware 55076 if that makes any diffent. yes I have tried to PTT
      > > using both my HT cable I got from RPC and my mobile and it wont key up any
      > > of them.
      > I would suggest taking a step back, and explaining what it is you are
      > trying to do. You are talking about HT jumpers, HT cables and mobile
      > rigs all in the same thread.
      > If you explain what it is you would like to do, and what it is that
      > you have done, we might be able to spot a problem.
      > From your explanations so far, it sounds like you are trying to hook
      > up a mobile radio using an HT cable, and telling the OT2 that you have
      > an HT connected. That's not going to work for you. Sometimes duct tape
      > won't solve every problem! 8)
      > You will need a cable that is appropriate for the FT-2700... I'll go
      > out on a limb and suggest that a cable for a hand held radio is
      > probably not going to work for you here.
      > We can toss ideas around for a long time, but if we get a better
      > picture of what you want, and what you have done so far, we can
      > eliminate a whole lot of useless suggestions.
      > James
      > VE6SRV
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