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9698Re: [tracker2] what am i doing wroung on setting up?

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  • Scott Miller
    Dec 30 12:31 PM
      What mobile rig are you using? Try setting the audio level lower - some
      rigs won't transmit if the audio level is too high, and setting the HT
      jumper lowers the audio level. Pull the HI jumper (if set) and set the
      audio slider to maybe 1/4 and see what happens.


      Ron K7CDL wrote:
      > i just got my tracker2 OT2m in. when it trys to send i have the RX light
      > go off and the ACT/TX lights turn soild red for a few secs. i'm using a
      > mobile rig. if i move the jumper to HT then it turns on my mobile so i
      > know my mobile cables are right. please help. thanks
      > K7CDL
      > Ron
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