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9197Re: Position Packets

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  • w4sna
    Nov 2 8:27 PM
      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, James Ewen <ve6srv@...> wrote:
      If you really need to know the weather ever 5
      > minutes on the mountaintop, and you don't have internet access up
      > there, it might be a good idea to run on a separate frequency.

      You have some good points.

      Obtaining near real time wind speed reports from the repeater site is the primary reason this station was installed. APRS was chosen because there is no Internet access available at the site. The fill-in digi was set up because there are some RF shadows in the local area not covered well by the full digis.

      Since the WX data is of little interest to persons outside the local area your suggestion to change frequencies is probably the best solution to eliminate the impact of the station on the network. I can collect the data and publish it on the web for locals that don't have APRS capabilities.

      I have shut down the station until Neal gets back in town. We can decide what to do then.

      Tom - W4SNA
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