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9194Re: [tracker2] Re: Position Packets

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  • James Ewen
    Nov 2, 2009
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      On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 5:55 PM, w4sna <w4sna@...> wrote:

      > What I want to do is eliminate the position packet to recover the wasted
      > bandwidth.  The station position is already being broadcast in the WX
      > packet.

      What about the wasted bandwidth from the status packet?

      >!3622.65N/08021.86W_PHG5750/Wide1-1, WX Sauratown Mtn, NC

      That's an awful lot of wasted bandwidth, far more than what you're
      concerned with...


      The status packet gives nothing new to the observer in the first 20
      characters. The PHG would be useful if it were on a position packet,
      not status. WIDE1-1 is new info, WX is known from your icon. Sauratown
      Mtn, NC can be deduced from your location.

      The site that you are at looks like a might fine spot for a full blown
      digipeater rather than a fill-in. You probably hear more than the
      other full digipeaters in the area. One issue with running a fill-in
      digipeater is that you end up acting only as an RF collector site.
      Anyone in your local area sending messages probably won't get a
      message back because there's no local digi to bounce through.

      You're also hammering the local RF network pretty hard. You're sending
      WX packets every 5 minutes over a 2 hop path. That's probably lighting
      up most of North Carolina, half of Virginia, and probably even hitting
      South Carolina too. If you really need to know the weather ever 5
      minutes on the mountaintop, and you don't have internet access up
      there, it might be a good idea to run on a separate frequency. Because
      your station is sitting on a mountaintop, a WIDE2-2 path is equivalent
      to a regular user using a path of WIDE3-3. Regular users have to use
      one hop to get to the mountaintop, but your station is already there.

      > I don't know why you can't see the screen shot. It looks fine on
      > Firefox. Are you viewing via email?

      Pretty hard to read your email as a movie... this reflector is not
      going to pass images. If you want to share an image, save it in the
      images section of the yahoogroup, or on another site of your choice.

      Unfortunately I don't have a weather station, so I haven't played with
      sending weather and packets...

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