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9164Re: [tracker2] How to deal with GPS drift with OT2?

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  • Tom
    Nov 1, 2009
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      Hello Bernard,
      Sorry - I replied to one on the subsequent replies to your original question and did not see the information below.
      (The earlier messages of the thread were in my spam folder - go figure.)
      With problems like this, I like to see the signal strength and satellite coverage data from the GPS.
      For a displayless GPS (Is that the case here?) you can use a laptop running a GPS utility like VisualGPS.
      It's free and you can download it from visualgps.net
      Remember too that you can have good coverage and a very accurate position at one point in time and then 2 hours later you may see a degradation of position as the GPS acquires different (maybe fewer)  satellites with the rotation of the earth.
      best of luck to you,
      Tom, W3TMC
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      From: ki6tsf
      Sent: Saturday, October 31, 2009 5:21 PM
      Subject: [tracker2] How to deal with GPS drift with OT2?



      I got a brand new GlobalSat BR-355 SiRF GPS which I use on
      the secondary port of the OT2. Unfortunately, I discovered
      that the position is drifting severely when the car is parked
      for several hours at the same place (covered or uncovered),
      sometimes up to 300ft. This may be due to reflections.

      I tried with WAAS enabled and disabled,
      and with Static Navigation enabled and disabled and get the
      same problem. Static Navigation is supposed to fix this by
      correcting the coordinates if the calculated position moves
      slower than 1.6 m/s. It does not work: calculated moves
      are grater than that.

      I contacted the manufacturer and they said
      the best option is to have the software deal with it.

      Does anybody sees how to eliminate drift in the OT2?
      So far I was unable to find out how scripting could help.


      Bernard KI6TSF

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