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904RE: [tracker2] ARRL/TAPR DCC

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  • scott@opentrac.org
    Sep 4 10:34 PM
      The request for a title came like 30 minutes after I posted that, so I stuck with the 'swiss army knife' thing.  I see Byon's on the schedule for Friday with a talk on the TinyTrak4.  Should be interesting.  And the talk right before mine is on a subject I'd considered doing a paper on myself - forward error correction extensions to AX.25.  My idea involved appending Reed-Solomon syndrome data in a small frame following the regular data frame, constructed such that it'd never be mistaken for a valid AX.25 frame itself.  That way it'd be invisible to anything that didn't support it.  I wonder how the other presenter's approach will compare.
      Any suggestions for particular aspects of the T2 I ought to cover?  Not that I usually have trouble filling time - last time I was asked to give a 45 minute talk up at Cal Poly they cut me off at about 90.  =]

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      --- scott@opentrac. org wrote:

      > Any suggestions for a talk title? Hmm.. maybe I
      > could go with 'Tracker2:
      > The APRS Swiss Army Knife'. =]

      I still like "Tracker2: This Aint Your Daddy's

      Oops, did I say that?

      Kidding aside, I like the SAK idea. It really is an
      APRS SAK type of device. Just what can't you do with
      the Tracker2???

      Jason KE4NYV
      RPC Electronics
      www.rpc-electronics .com

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