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897Re: [tracker2] Distance calculation redux

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  • James Ewen
    Aug 31, 2006
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      >My first attempt at a distance calculation (using a floating
      >implementation of the haversine formula) required 5 trigonometric
      >calls, two square roots, and several floating point
      >Something's still not quite right - two points with the same
      >show a distance of 323 feet.  Gotta track that one
      down.  But it seems to be
      >good enough for distances in miles -
      everything seems to be within about 10%
      >of what it should be.
      Have you had a look at the distance calculation routines we used on the HamHUD? We were very limited in the math functions on the PIC used it that device, yet Steve still managed to get pretty accurate distance calculations. The same type of fudge factor concept was talked about quite extensively when we were trying to get it all hashed out. 

      >Now for bearing calculation.  Anyone know how
      to fake an arctangent
      I wrote a C routine to convert lat/long positions into the 16 compass rose directions that is used in the HamHUD. Are you looking to calculate it out to integer degrees, or general compass directions. Using simple math and comparisons gave us a pretty decent bearing routine.

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