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8747RE: [tracker2] OT2 and GTRANS together

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    Oct 2, 2009
      >> I don't have one. :( I am using the Garmin GPS V.

      >Ah, that's right. But the MAX3232 on the GTRANS
      >should still be able to take the GPS V's output

      Doh! Of course! I was heading so many different directions last week, work
      and play, and didn't even think of it.

      I am now going to remove the regulator for powering with 5V. Of course,
      shorting the in and out together will be needed. And, I will feed the GPS
      data into the G-OUT connection. Sheesh, that will make things much easier!

      I'll post some pictures too when it is in and running.

      Thanks for getting the GTRANS right out. I was surprised to find in it my
      mail only 2 days after ordering it!

      Best regards,
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