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8738OT2 and GTRANS together

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    Oct 2, 2009
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      Greetings All,

      I have just confirmed that when the GTRANS is connected to the OpenTracker2,
      NMEA is available as an output. With this combination, KISS and NMEA can be

      I was monitoring the output of the GTRANS with Hyper Terminal and I received
      the following when I powered up the OT2:

      Argent Data Systems GTRANS v1.2

      I did run it longer but only included the first four sentences sent. I
      previously did not know which sentences were sent. It sends GGA,RMC and GLL,
      then repeats.

      The GPS was ran in simulated mode since I am indoors. The next run will be
      with my regular T2 system running and with a D7 using the GTRANS NMEA
      output. I expect no surprises. I will also run the NMEA to a laptop at some
      point for ExpertGPS to use. For the Xastir folks, can you use KISS and NMEA?

      The modifications were straight forward, though, I should add, I work with
      this kind of stuff at my day job. I have a very fine tipped, temperature
      controlled Weller soldering station and a microscope. The GTRANS is using
      0402 parts along with a QFN processor. Small!

      The GTRANS needs 5V and ground for power. The are several locations to find

      The input to translate was grabbed from OT2 U6-16 and connected to GTRANS
      U2-48 through a 1K resistor.

      The resistor was added because the processor on the GTRANS runs at 3.3 volts
      and the output from the OT2 is at 5V. I have not checked yet whether the
      GTRANS processor has 5V tolerant inputs.

      U1-9 was lifted to avoid conflicts. There would be two outputs connected to
      the same input otherwise.

      I hope this is useful!


      Best regards,

      OT2 U6-16 = pin 16 of the processor (U6) in the OT2
      GTRANS U2-48 = pin 48 of the processor (U2) in the GTRANS
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