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8732RE: [tracker2] Re: Aging of Waypoints (Fred)

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  • Al Waschka
    Oct 1, 2009
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      Thanks Fred,
      I just meant, by the nerves comment, that it seems I'm not the only one inerested in a way to age waypoints.
      Well, I probably won't have that many other waypoints in there, so it will be less trouble, I think, to just delete them all periodically and reset "home" and one or two others than to carry it in, hook it up, and reload from the PC.  Lynn D. posted about a method of transferring from an SD card to memory, so I may look into that.
      I have snooped around in the Nuvi and discovered that all waypoints are in a single XML file in the .gpx format.  So either the OT2 is re-sending the entire file every time a new waypoint comes in or the Nuvi makes incremental additions.  I have reviewed the Interface for the fleet management interface and, as you said, there doesn't appear to be a way to delete a waypoint, nor does it appear there is a way to deliver waypoints except in a GPIfile.  So if we believe that the OT2 does not have enough memory to hold and re-send the complete GPI file then the Nuvi must be capable of accepting a file with a single waypoin in it and concatenating it to the existing file.
      I have a few ideas, and I'll be doing a little testing when I get a chance.
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