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  • Fred Hillhouse
    Oct 1, 2009
      Hi Al,
      No nerves here. ;)
      One of the issues with TNCs is lack of memory. When future generations are released, new features are always added. More memory will be on the list I am sure. Hopefully, future GPS software will be enhanced to serve the much smaller niches, like APRS. One can only hope!
      I don't have the Nuvi but I will share one method that has worked for me in the past on my Garmin GPS V.
      For the waypoints I like to keep in my GPS, I make sure the waypoint symbol is something other than what is used by the OT2. When I used the NMEA protocol, that was simple. The OT2 sent a GPWPL sentence which made all the waypoints a dot. I made everything else not a dot. That way I could delete all waypoints with the dot symbol. This does not fix delete an "aged" waypoint. That would be nice.
      I have tried a similar method using the Garmin protocol yet. I get 'car' and 'truck' symbols which I can readily delete. Again, there is not a way to delete 'aged' waypoints. For the fixed stations, I see an antenna symbol. That is the same symbol I use for the WX transmitters.
      I used EasyGPS to manage the list of waypoints. Now I use ExpertGPS for managing waypoints. I manage more (>500) than my GPS can hold. So I have to select what I want for the moment anyway.
      By the way, if you are into Geocaching, try GeoBuddy, also by Topografix. It plays very much like ExpertGPS. I have had excellent service from Topografix, so I may sound like an advertisement. Service is paramount to me.
      There is no way to delete waypoints in a Garmin GPS from software. Garmin left out that command. I believe Magellan does have that feature in a GPS. I don't know the model. Regardless, no TNC currently keeps that much record of waypoints.
      I know your question did not involve PCs, but if interested read further.
      There may be a PC software solution with waypoint aging. I know of none at the moment, but I do not use a PC mobile yet. With the laptops in the 7", 9", etc. range, using one mobile is easier then ever. That will be one of my near future additions. Personally, I believe a mobile PC makes for the best window into APRS. The screen is bigger and there is little limit to how much memory and speed that is available.
      A free application for Windows is USAPhotomaps and for Linux, try Xastir. Everything I see and hear about Xastir is that it kicks donkey! I currently don't understand or have time to explore Linux to get Xastir running on it. USAPM does not do waypoint aging last I checked: Xastir may There is a Xastir user group to ask questions. Source code is available for each.
      I hope this provides some insight, knowledge, etc.
      Best regards,

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      It would appear I struck a nerve.  I'm looking into other solutions.  I'll post if I get any results.

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      It's TopoGraphix' s Easy GPS
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      This (easygps.com) is a parked domain. Can you please tell us the  actual program, or give a link to a download page? I don't trust links on parked sites as they are sponsored by who-knows-who and could contain malware loaders, etc.
      Tray Murphy

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