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  • Scott Miller
    Sep 15, 2009
      I got it. You'll never guess what it was.

      I was able to wipe the partition with a Gentoo rescue CD and format it
      NTFS, but it still hung every time. I finally pulled the drive and put
      it in another computer and installed XP just fine. Put it back in the
      new machine and it wouldn't boot. Black screen, no errors or anything.

      At some point, while playing with the boot menu, I thought to myself
      "what's this Sigmatel MSCN?" I'd assumed the third boot option was the
      network, but I'd disabled that. Turns out it was the stupid little
      Taiwanese MP3 player I use to play back recorded traffic on the HP
      8920A. I'd plugged it in to the USB hub to charge and forgot about it
      under the clutter of my workbench.

      Unplugged the MP3 player (which was showing up as a mass storage device
      and apparently misbehaving) and everything's fine. Except, you know,
      for another 12 hours of reinstalling software, finding XP drivers, and
      messing with software licenses.

      Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.


      gsdatplace wrote:
      > --- In opentracker@yahoogroups.com
      > <mailto:opentracker%40yahoogroups.com>, Scott Miller <scott@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > I've booted to two different XP CDs. Both of them get stuck at "Setup
      > > is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration" and I never get a
      > > chance to delete the partition.
      > >
      > > I know the CDs work, because I did exactly that on the old machine while
      > > trying to recover it. It was too far gone to even get all the way
      > > through a reinstall, though.
      > >
      > > I've got my XP CD with slipstreamed SATA drivers now, and someone else's
      > > with the latest service pack and a bunch of other stuff slipstreamed
      > > into it. I'll find out soon if it's just a SATA thing or if there's
      > > something else going on.
      > >
      > > Scott
      > The one question no one has asked... "What is the new hardware?"
      > Is it a dell/hp/acer box?
      > If the hardware is supported XP is a simple install overtop of Vista.
      > Just boot the XP disk as you did and delete partitions/quick format the
      > drive and XP will install normally.
      > I'm guessing that the system is designed for Vista and the manufacturer
      > may be using specific drivers or the hardware is such that setup can't
      > use the generic XP drivers.
      > I love it when I get a new bunch of machines in and have to downgrade
      > them...
      > Is it a BSOD, a hang, or a blank screen after setup is inspecting your
      > hardware?
      > My first thought after just going through this with a number of HP
      > machines is to check the Sata mode, with Vista on most machines I've
      > seen they run the sata drive in AHCI mode with the manufacturers driver,
      > which your XP installation CD's don't have. If you can, try changing the
      > sata mode from AHCI to IDE and see if that helps. That would also
      > explain the ability to boot from a UBCD as it would be using drivers for
      > the sata cd-rom drive which usually operates in IDE mode.
      > Garrett Sloan
      > VE6RKY
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