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8457Re: 5v buck converter?

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  • Chris Kantarjiev
    Sep 2, 2009
      > if your looking to power a Nuvi from the OT2 it doesn't need a constant 4
      > 00mA to operate.

      Yeah, I know. But when it does ...

      I'm asking here because it's the hub of Nuvi activity, but I'm currently
      looking to hook this to my D710. I am powering a GPS18 by stealing
      from the 100mA source that's available at the microphone connector - but
      I don't dare hook the Nuvi to that because I don't want to
      pop an internal fuse or burn something out.

      So I'm out to find a different arrangement that I can leave in place
      that connects directly to 12V and provides 5V at the DE9 that goes
      to whatever GPS I hook up.

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