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8444Re: [tracker2] T2 Digi Tricks for local announcements

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  • Scott Miller
    Sep 2, 2009
      > We need to lobby Scott to allow us to set a volatile path in our
      > outgoing packets. I'd like to emulate the WIDE2-2 / LOCAL / LOCAL /
      > WIDE2-1 / LOCAL / LOCAL pattern that I set up for the Kantronics
      > outgoing proportional path, which I can do in the T2, but I have to

      No lobbying required, I'm well aware of the need. I just need to find
      an efficient way to do it. Right now the path is stored in the
      configuration in AX.25 format, and it's always transmitted directly from
      configuration memory. I have to decide if the script is going to store
      the path in plain text or AX.25 format, and tweak the AX.25 header code
      to handle it.

      Actually, it's the same bit of code that's the major hangup for some
      things like the local echo. Any change I make there has to be usable
      for both features.

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