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8443Re: [tracker2] T2 Digi Tricks for local announcements

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  • James Ewen
    Sep 2, 2009
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      On Wed, Sep 2, 2009 at 8:08 AM, Matt Lee<ve7mlx@...> wrote:

      > I want to set-up a T2 as a Digi and I am wondering if anyone has a trick
      > for sending out local announcements with either a status text or a
      > separate (alternate) beacon text that is separate to the main beacon text.

      Have a look here:


      I wrote this to send weekly announcements. It keeps track of the days
      to change announcements, but you can reduce it down to sending
      alternating announcements.

      > Example:
      > Main Text:  Monashee APRS Digi Mount Scaia (Going out at Wide 2-2)
      > Local Announcement text: VE7SMT v146.740- t123.0 (Going out at Wide 2-1
      > or less)
      > This might be possible with an automatic change in profiles. Can you
      > change profiles automatically after a beacon with a macro or built in timer?

      You would have to change profiles in order to change the path. If you
      change the path from the script, it requires a write to the flash
      memory, which after extended use will wear out.

      We need to lobby Scott to allow us to set a volatile path in our
      outgoing packets. I'd like to emulate the WIDE2-2 / LOCAL / LOCAL /
      WIDE2-1 / LOCAL / LOCAL pattern that I set up for the Kantronics
      outgoing proportional path, which I can do in the T2, but I have to
      keep writing the path to change where I send to. If we have the
      ability to specify a path with scripting that doesn't get saved, we
      have more options available.

      This would also be useful for sending other packets as well. I'd like
      to direct TELEMETRY packets down a specified path, rather than over
      the default path. My telemetry data needs to go over a couple hops to
      get where I need it, but I don't need to send it in all directions. If
      I could specify a path for the telemetry such as VIA EVNBRG,PIGEON, it
      would limit the impact on neighboring digipeaters. That would mean I
      also have a means of initiating a telemetry packet from scripting as
      well though.

      BTW, I'd send that voice repeater information out as a voice object,
      so that your users with D710s can hit the TUNE button and have the
      radio go directly to the frequency. It's still readable by humans on
      the screen as well.

      ;146.88-SS*111111z5255.83N/11351.13WrR60k VE6SS

      I'm also big into maximizing the information versus characters sent...


      This packet gives the name of the site, the location, tells the user
      that it's a digipeater, tells user the recommended path in the area,
      what aliases it supports, the location name, and callsign.

      We use aliases, since it's easier for the user to look at a path used
      that says PIGEON, EVNBRG and visualize the locations, rather than
      VE6PLP,VE6YER. The status text on the end is packed and formatted into
      10X10X7 character groups to display nicely on the D7 and D700 screens.
      I have replaced spaces in the text with periods, because browsers
      remove double spaces...

      Sending "Monashee APRS Digi Mount Scaia" is a bit redundant... We know
      that the unit is an APRS digi, since it's on 144.39, and it should be
      using a digipeater icon. I'd probably look at using an alias of SCAIA,
      and then send this text on the end:

      W2,..BCn,.Mt.Scaia..VE7SMT.Monashee Ridge

      That conveys everything you have indicated above, and more. Of course
      you'll also want to set up the digipeater to act upon the current
      aliases properly. If you need help with that, we're here, just ask.
      I've set up quite a few digipeaters, and am working on getting the
      rest of the ones that I don't have access to in Alberta updated to the
      latest settings... a task that is taking far too many years!

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