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8436Re: [tracker2] Re: 5v buck converter?

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  • Bruce Harvey
    Sep 2, 2009

      Hi Chris,

      Have a look at this eBay item.  I bought several and they seem to be similar to what you are looking for.
      They pop apart easily and could be incorporated into other projects. Price is decent. Shipping is "free".

      item #  250407945303

      Bruce, ve1ii

      Chris Kantarjiev wrote:

      Thanks for all the responses.

      I specifically said "buck converter" because I've used 7805s and know
      how much heat they put out. I guess I was hoping that someone would
      point me at the details of one of the cigar lighter adapters, rather
      than a product that I can buy and cannibalize. ..

      I know that there was a little company doing these and potting them
      in epoxy. Boost converters, too. They might have disappeared by now
      but I'm trying to dredge them out.


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