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8430Re: [tracker2] Re: 5v buck converter?

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  • Erich J. Ritzmann
    Sep 2, 2009
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      Thanks for the detailed explanation, Barry.

      To clarify: I use this 7805 arrangement to power the puck GPS. I
      left it powered for hours without heat build up, and the results were

      The reference to 1 amp was simply lifted from the PDF that described
      the chip -- not the actual current draw in the mode I was using it.

      On 2-Sep-09, at 4:54 AM, Barry L. Lankford wrote:

      > You may get away with this linear power supply scheme if all you're
      > powering is a tracker and a low power hockey puck GPS, but if you
      > try to
      > get much more current than that, you'll probably run into heat
      > problems.

      Erich J. Ritzmann
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