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8419Re: [tracker2] Re: 5v buck converter?

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  • Erich J. Ritzmann
    Sep 1 5:10 PM
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      For 5vdc 1 amp, I am using a 7805 with a couple of caps -- 0.33 uF
      between the the input and ground, a 0.1 uF between the output and
      ground -- tied together on a bit of perf board which I place inside
      the APO3 power relay box. Or, if not using an APO3 I put the circuit
      into a 35mm film container. I don't remember what the total cost was,
      but it couldn't have been a lot as I ended up a drawer full of 78XXs.

      On 1-Sep-09, at 3:30 PM, gsdatplace wrote:

      > --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, Chris Kantarjiev <cak@...> wrote:
      >> I'm interested in packing a 5V buck converter into a DE-9 shell, to
      >> take 12V in and provide power to
      >> the attached GPS - typically 60-80mA, but it would be nice to
      >> handle the Nuvi's load of 400mA.
      >> Can anyone suggest a simple design or readily available unit?
      >> Thanks!
      >> 73 de chris K6DBG
      > Simplest and cheapest I've found (and I bought everyone I could)
      > Duracell makes a beautifully tiny cigarette lighter to USB charger
      > adapter. 12V in, 5Vdc at up to 1A out. I've taken a couple apart
      > now, one is mounted inside my OT2 (like I said very small switching
      > supply) off the power control output which powers up and down my
      > nuvi based on profile switching or remote commands. Picked them up
      > for $6.99, I'm sure it must have been a pricing mistake (in my favour)
      > Belkin makes a tiny one as well.
      > http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2009/04/24/duracell_belkin_usb/
      > Garrett
      > VE6RKY

      Erich J. Ritzmann/VA3XTO
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