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8271Re: [tracker2] Powering a Tracker2

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  • Tom Hayward
    Aug 3, 2009
      > I have an opentracker+ and I know it gets it's power from the serial/ radio
      > connector. Can the Tracker2 be powered in the same way? Or does it need
      > power to the separate connection?

      Yes, the Tracker2 can be powered through the radio port, pin 7, same at the OT+

      I'm running a Tracker2 this way now. My radio has 13.8V output
      available on the accessory connector, so I'm using that to power the
      Tracker2. I've got RX audio, TX audio, PTT, 13.8V, and Ground all
      coming from the radio into the serial port on the Tracker2 for a
      one-cable digipeater.

      Tom KD7LXL
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