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  • zl1vfo
    Aug 1 1:57 AM
      > >
      > > What stations does UIView support? I was planning to have it put out at
      > > least Peet Bros format.
      > >
      > > > I'd go slightly further and have the option for a packet that I could
      > > > inject into a T2 (KISS packet maybe?) and let it send it out. I
      > > guess at
      > > > the end of the day it's all just serial data - just depends on code
      > > > space and coding time...
      > >
      > > Again, with Peet Bros format the T2 will work with it as-is.
      > >
      > > Scott

      As John N5TIM showed, UIView doesn't support a Wx Stn directly, it's only by the use of a 'shim' program dropping a file containing the correctly formatted Wx content somewhere on the Hard Drive, and then telling UIView to go look at that file that allows UIView to interface to a connected Wx Stn.

      Where I was going was that as UIView can display Wx data contained in an APRS packet, be it from over the air, or from the 'net, why not just send a suitably crafted packet to UIView via the serial port - it would display it just like any other, and you could get UIView to gate it to the Net, or squirt it back to a TNC for Tx over RF.

      I would expect other APRS programs should be able to use the serial data as well, so it shouldn't be limited to just one app.


      On a separate note, how is the wind direction determined? I still have a number of anemometers from WX200/WM918 Wx Stns here - they use 360 deg 10k pots in them so I could wire them up as a voltage divider (i.e. ~0 Volts = 0 degrees, ~5 Volts = 359 degrees)

      -Ian ZL1VFO
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