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7582Re: [tracker2] OT+ and a Nuvi350, are they compatable?

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  • Scott Miller
    Jun 2 3:22 PM
      The OT1+ doesn't work with the nuvi - there's not enough memory to
      support the Garmin binary protocol. The best you could manage would be
      to hook it up with a GTRANS cable (currently out of stock), but the two
      would cost about as much as a T2.


      captnkliegle wrote:
      > I posted on the OT groups as well, but some folks are here and not there
      > w/the OT+.
      > Anyway, having issues w/OT+ and Nuvi350. Everything works 100% with an
      > OT2. When I try the OT+, no flashing LED for GPS signals (works on OT2),
      > no response to asking MYCALL (--MYCALL works on OT2). If I hook up
      > ADS-GM1 GPS, the LED responds properly and OT+ works properly. If I
      > force a TX, it has a valid position in beacon.
      > Is this operator error or does the OT+ not work w/Nuvi?
      > Baffled in NH...
      > Kriss KA1GJU
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