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749RE: [tracker2] problem solved

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  • Cap Pennell
    Aug 8, 2006
      Then, here's hoping a global "first hop only" flag is enabled as the default.
      73, Cap KE6AFE
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      Ah... yeah, sometimes Hyperterminal is picky about handshaking, even if you have it disabled.  Had all sorts of trouble with the 1-wire diagnostic routines.
      As for the fill-in... hmm.  I don't want to have to code an exception for that particular case.  I'm planning to add a 'first hop only' flag for each alias though - if it's enabled, the alias will only be used if nothing else has marked a digi field as used or decremented an n-N counter.  That ought to take care of this case, and let it pick up on WIDE-anything as a fill-in without it being specifically requested.

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      Subject: [tracker2] problem solved

      Turns out my problem was my old friend hyperterminal.  I've replaced it with another terminal, and all is well in SC.  arrrrggghhhh! !!
      next question.... if I wanted to use T2 as a fill in digi, how would I do it?  I have digiconfig set to WIDE with a limit of 1, but that will digipeat WIDE2-1 also, which is not the desired behavior.

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