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7363Re: [tracker2] Off-topic - DR-135 question

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  • James Ewen
    May 7, 2009
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      It works on simplex... what more couild you want?

      APRS is simplex on 144.390.

      Not sure what's up with the duplex RX, but there's no reason to not
      buy a T2-135!


      On 5/7/09, Tanner Lovelace <kb4tye@...> wrote:
      > This question is off-topic for the list, but if I can get it resolved it
      > will
      > allow me to get a T2-135 so hopefully it's ok.
      > I recently bought a DR-135 (original, apparently, not Mk2 or 3) off ebay.
      > While testing it out to see how well it works for just regular transmitting
      > and receiving, this is what I observe.
      > * While tuned to local repeaters, it hears nothing from them. Squelch is
      > never broken. I'm positive I don't have tone squelch on.
      > * While transmitting to local repeaters, it gets in just fine. I can tell
      > this
      > because I can hear the repeater key up on another radio.
      > * While transmitting simplex to my HT in the same room, it works
      > fine.
      > * While receiving simplex from my HT in the same room, it receives
      > fine. Squelch is broken correctly and I can even induce feedback
      > if I get the radios too close.
      > Basically, what I'm wondering is has anyone seen this kind of
      > thing before? And, if so, what do I do to solve it? I'd really love
      > to get this working so I could put a T2-135 in it.
      > Thanks very much in advance,
      > Tanner Lovelace
      > KB4TYE
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      > Tanner Lovelace
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